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Project Chi-Rho Patch - 4”X 3.5” RECTANGLE

SKU SQ4772976




Each patch is a poly/cotton twill. The colorfast threads are designed to withstand the harshest of washing processes.



Many people may recognize this Christian Symbol, but do you know the history of the Chi-Rho?   For almost 3 centuries after the resurrection of Jesus, the Roman Empire persecuted early Christians by throwing them to the lions for entertainment, using them as human torches and hanging their crucified bodies on crosses to deter challengers to the Roman Empire's status quo.  Unless something changed, Christians were headed for extinction.

Surrounded by his enemies on all sides, Constantine was fighting for control of the Western Roman Empire when he is said to have had a vision of the cross and/or of the Chi-Rho with the accompanying message “By this sign, you will conquer.”  The Greek letters Chi and Rho represented by an “X” and “P” respectively are the first 2 letters of the Greek word 𝜲𝚸𝜤𝚺𝜯𝜪𝜮 (“Christos”) or “Christ.”  After his supernatural vision, Constantine painted the Chi-Rho on the shields and banners of his army and defeated his enemies at the Battle of Milvian Bridge outside of Rome in 312 AD.  Following the battle, Constantine not only ended the persecution of Christians across the entire Roman Empire but officially adopted Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire, and in later years assembled the Council of Nicaea where the Nicene Creed was adopted by early Christian churches forming the foundation of our faith today.


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