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Contact Your Senator | House Representative To Help With J6 Prisoners

As Seen On Steven K. Bannon's

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Dear brothers and sisters. I'm organizing this fundraiser to support Chris Alberts. Chris went to the capitol on 1/6 to fight for this country and the oath he took to protect it. He did not enter the capitol, break anything, or hurt anyone. Simply protested and exercised his Constitutional rights. He is an Army veteran, an uncle, a son, a brother, and the love of my life. Chris served in Iraq, with honorable distinction. Like most of our brothers and sisters that have served, he is a selfless man willing to help anyone regardless of color or creed. He was beaten so badly that day I pray I never have to see the same fear and pain in his eyes again. He has received threats, hate mail, been told he is a danger to society, wearing an ankle bracelet everyday, and being treated like the enemy in his own country. I know we are all tired and our faith has been tried like never before, but he needs our help. We have many people on these huge platforms talk a good game with complete disregard for our political prisoners. They have no problem deflecting just like the enemies we are up against. So we are asking our fellow Americans for all the help we can get. Monetary donations, prayer, networking, or even just encouraging messages to keep his head up through this mental and emotional battle. We know the evil that sits in D.C., he is prepared for a long road, but cannot fight this battle alone. We can overcome this battle together, but we simply cannot turn our backs on these hero’s when they need us the most. Thank you and God bless, please do not lose hope. It’s always darkest before the Dawn.

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Melissa Miller

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February 19, 2024 at 2:28:55 PM

September 12, 2023



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